CHFN-K - Certification for the Non-Clinical RN

Are you a RN that works either in heart failure education, research, or industry related position? Are you a RN that has basic heart failure clinical knowledge, but your job does not require clinical hours?

The AAHFN-Certification Board has created the credential CHFN-K, for those positions in the heart failure community that though not clinical, indirectly impact the heart failure patient. The exam is the same as the CHFN, but eligibility criteria has been tailored to ensure that the CHFN-K exam candidate equally meets the standards set to sit for the exam.

This certification can also, be for the CHFN that while still involved with heart failure has taken her career in a different path and no longer is involved with clinical care. The distinction being knowledge-based.

Whether you are a CHFN or CHFN-K, it is the Mark of Distinction of your commitment to the heart failure community.

Eligibility Criteria -
Clinical Nurses
Non Clinical Nurses
Registered nurse background Current, active RN license for at least 2 years or it’s equivalent (4160 hours) Current, active RN license for at least 5 years or its equivalent(10,400 hours)
Clinical practice in the care of patients with heart failure 1,200 hours within the last 2 years (equates to 29% of time in clinical practice within the previous 2 years) Not applicable
Education Registered nurse Registered nurse with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing [BSN] or equivalent bachelors degree + 2400 hours experience in current role
Masters + 2080 hours experience in current role
Evidence of indirect work in heart failure Not applicable Evidence of how nurses are indirectly involved in patients with HF or how nurses complete action(s) in their role that are related to HF
Total continuing education hours / Heart failure continuing education 30 hours of continuing education within the last two (2) years, of which a minimum of 15 hours must be focused on care of patients with heart failure. 30 hours of heart failure continuing education within the last two (2) years.
Recertification Open

Recertification for CHFNs expiring March 31, 2016
Registration Open December 1, 2015 to February 17, 2016

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Why Certify ?

Top Five Reasons:

• Formal recognition (via CHFN credentials) of specialized knowledge in heart failure care and your commitment to providing optimal patient care.

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